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PAELA Supports HB2252

In a misguided effort to attempt to collect additional revenues, last spring the Governor proposed expanding estate recovery to reach property held as joint tenants or tenants by the entireties, life insurance, life estates, trusts, annuities and any “other assets in which the deceased individual had any legal title or interest at the time of death.” If passed, this proposal would have resulted in significant financial harm for the surviving spouses of nursing home residents. Under current law, the Governor unilaterally and without legislative oversight could implement a proposal like this to expand estate recovery. A change this significant, with such potentially devastating effects, should not be permitted without the public debate and discussion that are part of the legislative process. If enacted, HB 2252 would repeal the Governor’s power to expand estate recovery without legislative oversight.

A copy of PAELA’s position statement on this bill and a copy of a letter PAELA sent to all of Pennsylvania’s representatives can be found below.